Buddies of Budgie was founded to provide a home for the Budgie Desktop, an open source modern desktop environment built to provide you immediate access to the things you need.



Our values are central to our decision-making and how we collaborate, communicate, design and work. These values were shaped by our community from the start to ensure a diverse, healthy, and welcoming community.


Independence is a crucial value to how we operate as an organization. All organizations and projects are equal stakeholders in the future of the organization and most importantly, the future of the Budgie Desktop platform. No singular for-profit or non-profit entity has the sole influence over our direction.


Transparency has been central to how we function from the start. We want to ensure that everyone is able to understand how the organization and Budgie itself works currently and the intended direction going into the future.


Buddies of Budgie and the Budgie desktop itself is built for its users. Users are seen as stakeholders in development and day-to-day operations, with a fundamental part of our consensus model for making changes to the organization and our platform being how do our decisions positively impact the end user’s experience. People should feel encouraged to get involved directly, promoting fairness in our ways of working.

How We


Buddies of Budgie is organized into scoped teams that helps to ensure the organization and our platform is able to be continuously improved while minimizing bottlenecks and maximizing the potential for involvement. From marketing and community engagement, to distribution of Budgie Desktop, translations and more - you can be sure to find a place to get involved.

Best Buds

This team is responsible for general day-to-day maintenance of our software whether that be issue triaging and code reviews or releasing a new version of Budgie Desktop.

Evan Maddock
David Mohammed
Campbell Jones
Joshua Strobl
Community Engagement & Marketing Team

This team is responsible for active community outreach, main site content writing, release promotion, and general marketing.

Distribution / Packaging Team

This team is responsible for the distribution / packaging of Budgie and its microcosm of supplemental software on various operating systems.

Documentation Team

This team is responsible for improving documentation of the organization and our software.

Infrastructure and Web Ops Team

This team is responsible for the development and management of our web properties and infrastructure.

How We


Budgie Desktop and all of our organization’s source code (including this site!) is entirely open source and developed on GitHub. We leverage GitHub for tracking issues and desired improvements in our software or our organization, as well as GitHub’s discussion forums for long-form public discussions.

The vast majority of our collaboration, support, and general discussions happen on our public Matrix Space. Matrix is an open standard for interoperable, decentralised, and real-time communication, with Spaces being a way to group rooms and people together. You can use free, open source software like Element get involved with the project.