A luxurious home computing experience.

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Launch right into your favorite apps
Budgie Menu shows you all your installed applications, neatly organized into categories to improve discoverability, and with lightning fast application searching! No more diving into sub-menus to find the app you need.

Make Budgie Your Own

With our Budgie Desktop Settings application, you can make Budgie feel like home. Whether you want a dock or multiple panels, you can do it with just a few clicks.
macOS inspired
macOS inspired
Built By The Community
Budgie is built by the community, with volunteers from around the world, all contributing to make Budgie a better experience for everyone! Whether it is design work, software engineering, or translations, it is this community that makes it happen.
Getting Budgie
Budgie is available on a wide variety of operating systems, from Arch Linux to Ubuntu, and everything in between. Try it out today on the flavor of Linux of your choosing.